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Lời chúc ngủ ngon bằng tiếng anh | SMS Wish someone sleep wellgood night sweet dreamssomeone"? Does that mean anyone? I'll be there in 5 minutes!What you should really be thinking about is

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Lời chúc ngủ ngon bằng tiếng anh | SMS Wish someone sleep well good night sweet dreams someone"? Does that mean anyone? I'll be there in 5 minutes! What you should really be thinking about is someone to bring you breakfast in the morning. Tuck tuck tuckety tuck...there you go all snug as a bug, your night lights on and heres a good night kiss Mwha xx Did you remember to go potty first? Ok, good night. You ain't foolin' me with that hotties picture there Tinkerbell.Your *** best say goodnight to my boot cause my boot's comin' over there to tuck in your ***!!My boot and your *** will be married by midnight.....my boot and your *** are....OK,SHUT UP SAM,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!.......Goodnight Tinkywinky....goodnight!
I wish Moon always be full and bright And you always be cool and right. Whenever you go to switch off the light, Remember that I am wishing you Good Night...!!!!
Since your eyes are looking tired… Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours. Happy journey into the world of dreams. Good night.
No matter the sky is black or blue, No matter there is stars or moon, As long as Your heart is true, Sweet dreams will always be with You.
Moon is happy and Sun is upset, why ? Because sun is missing you, And moon is gonna be with you, For the rest of the night, Have a great and a wonderful night. GOOD NIGHT
Throw your dreams into the space like a kite, And you do not know what it will bring back, A new Life, A new Friend, A new Love.... Have a sweet dreams....
Let the sweetest person come to your dreams tonight…. But do not make it a habit because I am not free every night . Good night and have a nice dreams !!
I wish God made me an SMS, so that I can reach you in Seconds, Cost you nothing, you will read me and I could see you smiling which is worth millions for me!!! Good Morning and Smile For Me!!!
Never, say dreaming is useless, because life is useless if you can't dream. Have a nice dream ... sweet Night ... and Miss Me ... face-smile.png face-smile.png
My heart Reacted…. My eyes Detected…. Between Thousands were Rejected.... But only U were Selected to be.... my sweetest love 4Ever!! Good Night.
Early to bed and early rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” It is a good and healthy sleep that makes your mind and body active through out the day. It has very positive effect on your health. After taking strong sleep, you will feel a new world around yourself. You will feel energy, activeness and freshness in your personality. For sleeping well, you have to follow some useful tips written below. 1.    Do not eat high calories foods before sleep. Keep your stomach empty at least three hours after dinner before going to sleep. Avoid tea, coffee and smoking and soft drinks as well. Do not take sleeping medicine also! It has serious side effects like you may not be able to sleep with out medicine, low sleep quality. 2.    According to weather conditions, please wear sleeping dress. In winter season, do not forget your cover your feet as the most sensitive part of your body. Severity of weather should be kept in mind while sleeping. 3.    In winter season, you may take a warm bath and drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleeping bed. 4.    Turn your TV, movie or music off before sleeping time, if you sleep in the same room. 5.    Close your eyes immediately when you are on your sleeping bed. Do not stare at the ceiling. If you can not fall asleep within first 40 minutes even though you remain close your eyes, then get up and do something else until you feel dull and sleepy. 6.    Remember, don not take light sleep or snooze for more than 15-20 minutes per day. It can disturb your sleep cycle badly and make it difficult for you to get well sleep at night. 7.    Try to sleep with a window open to have some fresh air come in on a cool night helps me sleep very well.

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